Comic Storage Solutions

The Simple Solution

Comic Storage Solutions -

One of the most difficult issues comic book collectors have to deal with is storage solutions and organization. The bigger your collection, the more storage space needed and the more difficult it is to keep it all organized. One of the easiest and most cost effective methods that we have found for this are DrawerBoxes.

DrawerBoxes are made from heavy duty card board and are strong enough to stack up to 6 boxes high. They come in 3 sizes for comics; short box, long box, and Slab/Magazine width. They also have optional accessories like a rail and divider system that allows you to lock in dividers to prevent comics from falling over in a box that is not full. This also allows you to reserve space in boxes that you know you will be filling up more so you do not have to constantly shift what comics go in which box. 

 The DIY Solution

About a year ago I was looking all over to find a design for a DIY comic organizer for my personal collection that was similar to what you would find in a comic store.  After a lot of searching and not really finding what I was looking for, I decided to design my own. I have been very happy with it and decided to share the design so that others who were having trouble like I was could have a starting point.

I designed this solution with a few factors in mind:

1. Transportability - Since this was made for my personal home collection, I wanted to make sure that I built it in 2 sections. This would ensure that I was able to get it through doorways etc, and make sure that it was easy to transport in the event of a move or renovation. 

2. Durability - Comics are very light, but when you start talking a full collection, the weight can add up real quick. This unit was designed to be able to support 300 lbs. on the top half and 300 lbs. on the lower sections. 

3. Functionality - It was important for me to make a solution where the structure was slightly higher than the comics going in it, this way you cold lay a long box across the top when doing sorting without worrying about damaging anything.

4. Capacity - The main goal here was to make sure that I could fit about 6 long boxes worth of comics on top and about 6 more on the bottom

I was not planning on creating a guide at the time and did not take many progress pictures, so I created some models to show how to build it. These are not to scale and not very well done in general, but hopefully they help!



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