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VANILLA ESSENCE GN (A) (C: 1-1-0) (SHIPS 01-01-21)

VANILLA ESSENCE GN (A) (C: 1-1-0) (SHIPS 01-01-21)

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An essential Yamatogawa classic returns! Adorned with thick-rimmed glasses, gorgeous slender hair and a shapely body, Miyuki is your typical hot nerdy girl, but recent developments have pulled her out of her shell. After finding an unmarked SD card, she finds a bunch of videos of her classmates having sex all over school! With her inner urges awakened, she takes her newfound information and proceeds to make her own videos, voyeuristically filming her peers in their most intimate moments. As she looks through the lens at her classmates, Miyuki's body feels a rush and she starts touching herself while focusing on the action. Suddenly, she hears the click of a camera, and realizes she's not the only person filming the action as she's been caught in the act by a classmate! And Miyuki has never been more turned on in her life! Vanilla Essence, by hentai legend Yamatogawa, is a joyous confiture of lustful high school romance and the cheeky cuties who look shy and sweet, but are really wolves between the sheets! Collecting nine chapters, FAKKU Books edition of Vanilla Essence includes a new translation, cover design, and everything else that has consistently made FAKKU hit the sweet spot in hentai comics.

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