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YOUR SONG GN (A) (C: 1-1-0) (SHIPS 01-01-21)

YOUR SONG GN (A) (C: 1-1-0) (SHIPS 01-01-21)

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Even in times of misfortune, love is all you need. The world is slowly sinking into the ocean, and while people are escaping to the sky, Hiro waits in his waterlogged home for his long-lost love. Every year on a special day, the spirit of his beloved Sawa returns and together the two make up for lost time, having countless hours of passionate sex before they're separated when time's up. As he waits to see Sawa again, Hiro writes a series of romance novels and sends the books out into the ruined world. While the books might seem harmless, Hiro's stories are what this world needs more than ever. Whether it's a girl's devotion to a selfish boy, a couple with lost memories, a determined dairy farmer or the many others who've looked over its pages...this bittersweet series makes these desperate times worth living life. Your Song by Fujimaru is the long-awaited conclusion to their sci-fi dystopian romance series that started with the 'August Lights' story in their previous title, Love Me Tender. Compiling twelve chapters, Your Song chronicles the stories of youthful hopefulness and steamy romance in an age of uncertainty. This sentimental book will tug at your heartstrings till the end of time.

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