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LOST ANGELES #1 (MR) (SHIPS 04-21-21)

LOST ANGELES #1 (MR) (SHIPS 04-21-21)

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Volume 1 begins with the shocking and senseless assault of a privileged suburban teen, as Lost Angeles follows local punk bouncer 'Doyle' as he investigates the crime on behalf of a grieving family and ultimately exposes a complex multi-billion-dollar real estate investment scheme tied to the 1984 Olympics whose greedy tentacles reach deep into City Hall. A vivid and unquestionably authentic portrayal of LA's vibrant and violent 1980s, Lost Angeles brings to life the punk music, gangs and corrupt officials and, in doing so, echoes themes of race and politics very much alive and unresolved in 2021. Frequently blurring the lines between fact and fiction, creator Jordan Lichtman (Weed Magic) luridly recreates the Los Angeles of his youth - and the seminal events that helped shape his generation - with a disturbing realism described as 'China Town' meets 'Decline of Western Civilization.' Kelsi Jo Silva's artwork is expressive and often juxtaposed against shocking violence. Lichtman enlisted legendary Los Angeles street and tattoo artist Mike 'Pyro' Bleiweiss to create unique period graffiti art and backgrounds that any collector will immediately need to include in their collection.

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